Emerald Green By Kirsten Gier

Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

This final book to the Ruby Red/Precious Stones Trilogy was perfection. The ending was a bit of a surprise. I knew they would beat the Count but I didn't know how and I wasn't expecting the count to be who he was. I did feel it was a bit long. But following along with them figuring out everything with them was very nice. I didn't feel that the book was rushed. Especially since only a few days had passed. I like that the series was based around approx. 3 weeks meaning that there was time to put detail into each day and the detail wasn't wasted. The time travelling wasn't confusing either. I was afraid I might get confused about what year the characters were in but I didn't find that at all. This was a very good read. Especially since it's a translation.