Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell does it again! In her newest stand-alone novel Fangirl she brings us into the world of a freshman in her first year at University. The main character Cather (err... Cath) and her twin sister Wren (Cather Wren... Catherine.. get it?) are moving into their dorms on campus but they aren't sharing a room for the first time in their life. Wren has intentions of partying it up while Cath plans to study hard, eat protein bars and peanut butter, and work on her Simon Snow fan fiction. Simon Snow is the Fangirl world equivalent to Harry Potter. When Cath moves into her dorm room she meets her not overly nice roommate Reagan and her assumed boyfriend Levi. The story is based on the fall and spring semesters of Cath's freshman year and all the ups and down, loves and heartbreaks, and stresses that come along with it. Rainbow Rowell reaches for the heart of every girl (and maybe boy who knows) and brings this understanding that we all as book nerds feel. I think that is what makes this book so special. Because we've all been there. There were times when I felt like Rainbow had taken a portion of my life and put it into her book and I'm sure others have felt the same way. This book is a must read and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.